50 All-Stars is a Colorado nonprofit youth basketball organization centralized in Broomfield. We operate year-round and specialize in player development and training utilizing the following categories: Workouts • Team Practices • Private Sessions • Open Gyms • Games • Conditioning • Combines • Clinics • Camps • 3-5 Year Olds • Tryouts


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MONTHLY CLINICS   Take a look below to see our itinerary for our monthly clinics. Players prepared will have a chance to win one piece of the special prize pictured to the right. Knowing and applying at least 2 tips per facet will easily take your game to the next level. BOOK HERE

Clinics are 2-hours long, free for members, and $50 for non-members. Each of our six facets are repeated every six months, in an attempt to have the kids learn about the sport in a deeper sense. The goal is to considerably raise the basketball IQ of each player.
USE YOUR VISION by keeping your head up and by staying square towards your teammates.Ladder to side step dribble out to wing
POSITION THE BALL off your palm and snap your wrist as you dribble or pass.Under chair dribbles
AIM SMALL and MISS SMALL when passing to your teammates.Wall Passes + Epic Drill
ACCELERATE by pushing off your back leg when you drive.Chair Dribble Pound Explosions
USE YOUR OUTSIDE HAND while dribbling or passing to keep the ball away from the defense.Press Escape Passes w/ D
FIND PASSING AND DRIVING ANGLES quickly and often.Lotsa Cones to Rotation Shots
DRIBBLE LOW AND STRONG to maximize your strength and control.Partner passing + Twists
PREDICT AND ESCAPE PRESSURE by passing or with explosive dribbles.1 on 2 Escape
CHANGE YOUR SPEED, HANDS, AND DIRECTION while dribbling to beat the defense.Triple Cross Repeat to Dribble tag
PRACTICE ALL THE TIME as hard as you can.Dribbling Dojo
GET OPEN and take good shots by using screens and rotating to open spots.Juke Straps & Peek-a-boo 1on1
BE FEARLESS. Shoot with confident, positive thoughts in your mind.Scare shots
POSITION YOUR BODY by staying low and squared-up to the basket.Elbow jab series
WRINKLE YOUR WRIST before the catch to create a target for the passer.Group shooting
ALIGN YOUR UPPER BODY with your shooting elbow above your knee and your forearm level with the ground.Curl jumpers
POSITION THE BALL by spreading your fingers with your palm just off the ball.Form Shots
FULLY EXTEND your elbow to your eyebrow and your feet to its toes at the same fluid pace.Judgement Shots
SNAP YOUR WRIST fully - while shooting with enough arc - to maximize the rotation of the ball.Bed shots
HOLD YOUR FOLLOW-THRU past the apex (the highest point) of the shot.Group shots, push-ups or run for dropped arms
PRACTICE all the time, and correct your mistakes as you go.Group shots, first to 100
ESTABLISH A FIRM, ATHLETIC BASE by staying low and using your strong-hand pivot foot.Mid-post reverse pivot series
DON’T TAKE A NEGATIVE STEP while in a stance or when you begin to drive.Footfire to ball drop layup
JAB STEP to read the defender’s feet and tendencies.Jab to three-option jumper
STAY LOW WHILE PENETRATING with a long first step and a longer first dribble.Polly cut series
CREATE SPACE between yourself and your defender.Stepback Jumper
CHANGE SPEED AND DIRECTION to further elude the defense.3 cone triangle explosions
USE SCREENS to create an offensive flow. The screener is usually the open player.Peek-a-boo screens to score
CUT TO AND FROM THE BASKET to give your offense more options.Backdoor cuts
USE THE PICK N ROLL to create mismatch problems for the defense.Pick n roll to shoot/pass
HAVE AN ARSENAL OF MOVES that you have practiced a great deal to use whenever you need to.In and out, between the legs, spin to air reverse
BE IN A GOOD STANCE by squaring up, staying low, and having a wide base.2on2 help to 1on1 Cut-throat
STAY ON YOUR TOES so that you’re able to react as quickly as possible.Clap Game to King's Drill
PESTER THE BALL HANDLER by making them as uncomfortable as you can.Zig-zag D to sprint.
TAKE A QUICK FIRST STEP LATERALLY when guarding a player starting to drive.Quick slides on ball reveal
CHANGE THE PENETRATOR’S DIRECTION over and over again to slow them down.Alley Zig-zags to 1on1
COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR TEAMMATES as quickly, as often, and as loudly as you can.On-ball screen D & "Ball/Hole" Drill
PAY ATTENTION to everything going on by keeping your eyes up and active.Flex D
POSITION YOURSELF quickly and correctly on closeouts, help-side, and rotations.3on3 positioning + Charge / Loose Ball
GET THROUGH SCREENS quickly and untouched to keep the offense out of their flow.Screen down, Screen away
CONTEST EVERY SHOT with your hand in the shooter’s face.Bluff / recover shots
POSITION YOURSELF EARLY by creating contact and sealing an angle to the basket.Fast break stop early to post
USE YOUR PIVOT FEET to maneuver towards the basket and/or when you’re already near the basket.Coach Says + Kobe post
STAY LOW to maximize strength, balance, and quickness.Athletic Finish
KEEP THE BALL HIGH as quickly and as often as you possibly can.Legend Series
THINK TO SCORE FIRST, then attempt to pass.2on1 Break
ROTATE TO THE PASSING ANGLES. Players should move to where the passer can see them.1 Driver, Inside & Outside Rotators, 2 Extra Passers
LOOK OFF THE DEFENDERS. You may also think-to-pass first, to better your chance to score.Post progression
FINISH STRONG by instigating the contact, and by expecting to get fouled.Cut-off trail layup
USE YOUR OFF-ARM to fend off the defender while shooting.Off board hook series w/ D
FINISH TOWARDS THE BASKET, and follow your shot for the potential rebound.Post catch, quick layup
REALIZATION. Offensive rebounds are worse than turnovers.3on3 to 15. No-Crash is a Sprint /// O-Reb is 5pts
EYES - Never take your eyes off the ball.Jump Touches, Scissor dribbles, & Jump lunges
HANDS - Use your hands to see and manipulate the defense.Help to hit shooter to rebound, repeat
CONTACT - Love it; initiate it.Box & hold for 5 seconds drill
POSITION- Get a good position as early as you can.Step-ups & Box Jumps. Hurdles
ODDS - Run toward the area where the ball is most likely to go.Elbow jumpers, run for drops
GIVE AND TAKE - On defense, give them nothing. On offense, take whatever they give you. Even tipping the ball is good for the offense.Play to 10. Losers run. Tip is a point; O-Reb wins game
EVERY TIME - Your goal should be to get every rebound, and to limit the other team to none.Tip Drill
TENACITY - Try with every ounce of your heart for every second of the game.3 vs 1 triangle rebounding. 1/5 against rotating 3 or run. The 3 who lose all run.
REACTION - explode towards the ball faster than everyone else.Heads / Tails