50 All-Stars is a Colorado nonprofit youth basketball organization centralized in Broomfield. We operate year-round and specialize in player development and training utilizing the following categories: Workouts • Team Practices • Private Sessions • Open Gyms • Games • Conditioning • Combines • Clinics • Camps • 3-5 Year Olds • Tryouts

Cross Fingers

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HIGH SCORES   Download the game on your iPhone, by clicking here. Once you complete any puzzle pack, check below to see if you qualify for our leaderboard. Feel free to redo completed levels to improve your score, start with the super easy packs to understand the concept, and realize your brain is a muscle that needs this heavy lifting to meet its full potential. Good luck!
Puzzle Pack Name Time Screenshot
1. EasyMorgan Gutzwiller14m 17s[click here]
2. NormalGabby Rickman20m 28s[click here]
3. HardJon Sanders31m 25s[click here]
4. ProJon Sanders51m 55s[click here]
5. NormalJon Sanders17m 56s[click here]
6. ProJon Sanders59m 16s[click here]
7. BabyJon Sanders7m 31s[click here]
8. HardJon Sanders31m 55s[click here]
9. NormalJon Sanders17m 39s[click here]
10. HardJon Sanders35m 23s[click here]
11. ProJon Sanders42m 2s[click here]
12. InsaneJon Sanders1h 50m 4s[click here]
13. HardJon Sanders45m 10s[click here]
14. KidsJon Sanders19m 9s[click here]
15. MixedJon Sanders58m 25s[click here]
16. NormalJon Sanders25m 40s[click here]
17. HardJon Sanders45m 11s[click here]
18. KidsJon Sanders8m 16s[click here]
19. MixedJon Sanders22m 1s[click here]
20. NormalJon Sanders25m 17s[click here]
21. KidsJon Sanders11m 43s[click here]
22. GeniusJon Sanders1h 57m 17s[click here]
23. ProJon Sanders58m 18s[click here]
24. NormalJon Sanders29m 47s[click here]
25. NormalJon Sanders47m 42s[click here]
26. InsaneJon Sanders1h 41m 34s[click here]
27. KidsJon Sanders6m 59s[click here]
28. NormalJon Sanders26m 12s[click here]