50 All-Stars is a Colorado nonprofit youth basketball organization centralized in Broomfield. We operate year-round and specialize in player development and training utilizing the following categories: Workouts • Team Practices • Private Sessions • Open Gyms • Games • Conditioning • Combines • Clinics • Camps • 3-5 Year Olds • Tryouts


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THE PSYCHOLOGY OF OUR PROGRAM   Many philosophies have been combined to create our program. Click any of those below for details.

Like it or not, basketball is so predicated on factors like genealogy, environment, and opportunity that it's fairly easy to ascertain where most players will end up. While reaching the level of playing in college is far-fetched for most, playing beyond that is even more of a fantasy. The chart above attempts to explain the reality of it all, and the limits of what we can do to change your particular trajectory.

If you're not sure where you're currently headed, ask me or someone else who's seen thousands of players grow up through basketball over the years what they *honestly* think. From there, decide if working out with us 600 times is worth the extra notch in your destiny. Measure if you have enough time to do 700 more workouts on top of that to reach two steps above your original fate. And then judge yourself to see if you have the heart to do 800 more workouts to go 3 steps above.

It's like the famous 10,000 hours theory, but this is something far more defined. 2,100 workouts over the course of 12 years for a player starting with us in the 1st Grade is the ideal pace. And sure, things are easier if you're destined to be as tall as a D1 player, your parents both played D1 sports, and you have access to a gym and parents that allow you to play a ton year-round like most D1 players had. That high-level player entering our system would certainly have a huge chance to surpass playing in Europe and playing in the NBA to reach the Hall of Fame level if they got in all 2,100 workouts with us, but it's far more fascinating and brave for the player destined to only reach Middle School to work just as hard for just as long to make it to the D3 level. The passion it takes to do something like that is what life is all about.

And why would our events do more than yours or another program's? Because we care, we know what we're talking about, we're 100% honest with our players, we workout nearly every day of the week all year long, and we have a single-minded approach to your development that can't be matched by any other program focused more on money, showcasing, winning games, etc.. We do all the things the people who initially guesstimated your trajectory assumed you'd be incapable of doing.

Good luck to you in your quest. Thanks for allowing us to help you reach your greatness. And please know that NO ONE WHO HAS EVER GIVEN THEIR BEST HAS REGRETTED IT.