50 All-Stars is a California nonprofit youth basketball organization centralized in Moraga, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, and surrounding areas. We operate year-round and specialize in player development and training utilizing the following categories: Workouts • Team Practices • Private Sessions • Open Gyms • Games • Conditioning • Combines • Clinics • Camps • 4-7 Year Olds • Tryouts


staff@50allstars.com 925.979.5027 [ view our full website ]
HOW DO I BECOME A MEMBER? Sign-up or sign-in on our full website, then click the MEMBERSHIP option to enroll in the pricing plan of your choice.
CAN WE TRY OUT A FEW WORKOUTS FIRST? Yes. You may always join an event at the listed price, and you may even join one workout in either February or August FOR FREE by using promo code "TRYOUT". We also have an array of prepaid package offers you can view after signing-in.
DO YOU PLAY GAMES? Yes, we play games most every weekend throughout the entire year. The reason the games aren't listed on our site is because we must wait for the league organizers to deliver us our schedule. They usually do so 2 days to 2 weeks prior. Every league and tournament has its major faults, but our goal is to perpetually adapt.
WHY ISN'T EVERYTHING AT THE SAME LOCATION? Well, that's definitely the master plan. Once we raise enough revenue, we'd like to own our own gym. In the meantime, we rent gyms and we play in games hosted by others. Even the gyms we rent won't allow us to monopolize the venue, so we pay between $30-$80 per hour to an array of entities to have one of the only programs in the country that provides 7 days/week.
CAN WE SIGN UP FOR JUST A PORTION OF THE YEAR? Yes, we have 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 12 month options. The longer you sign up, the less expensive it is. You may also join at anytime throughout the year, but you may not transform a 3-month plan into an additional prorated 9-months after the fact.
DO YOU ALLOW GIRLS? Of course! We see every player as a BASKETBALL PLAYER, and we have many girls in our program at every skill level compete amongst our boys and boys around the area and country. The girls in our program's history have all been wildly successful because of this mindset and their hard work.
IS THIS TOO MUCH TOO EARLY? We don't believe in forcing anyone to put more effort into the sport than they're willing and able, but we do attempt to provide that for those who are ready. We highly recommend playing multiple sports early on, but we do suggest that you keep your current favorite sport going on throughout the year on the off-days. As a parent, we feel if you don't provide this opportunity early on that you are - indeed - forcing them to be behind should they ever choose to want to play the sport at a higher level later on. With other cities getting better so early as well, we must keep pace so that our kids may have a choice.
WHY ARE THE WORKOUTS SO DEMANDING? Because we believe in the kids. And it's our desire to combine hard work with their current passion so that they're more likely to be passionate about their hard work as an adult. We make learning to enjoy hard work a fun process.
CAN WE GET A DISCOUNT? Business-wise, we're insane for offering a program that has this many days for this low of a price. We believe too few would pay the necessary $5,000/year to make it work, however, so we rely strongly on donations to help us survive while charging our current $1,800/yr price tag. With that said, we only offer one scholarship per grade; and it's given to the hardest worker and/or the most talented player we can find. If you're gonna get something for free, we'd need for you to be willing to work harder than most everyone else to receive it. See our scholarship page for tryout details.
WHY AND HOW DO YOU OFFER SO MUCH? Our attempt is to have enough integrity to be honest when we say we offer everything you need to be as great as you'd like to become. Most other programs lie in this regard, as they succumb to the reality of not being able to afford enough gym time or by not being able to train their players as hard and as well as they ought to. We sacrifice absolutely everything at an amazingly low fee to get this done, and we have absolutely no regrets.
IS THERE ANOTHER WAY TO RECEIVE UPDATES BESIDES TWITTER? Emails are sent to members at noon each day, should there be an update within the 24 hours prior. To receive immediate updates, however, you must get twitter. It was not only the cheapest solution for us, but it was also the best and most efficient choice. You may add other family members easily on your own, it's really easy for us to send stuff on the fly, and it works on every device. If you're attempting to avoid social media, the easy answer is to just control yourself and don't follow anyone besides us. Just act like we built the platform just for you, and then ignore the extras the site has to offer.
WHAT'S YOUR LOGO? It's a stylized version of the word FIFTY made into an ambigram that can be turned upside-down to still spell the same word. It's meant to invoke the feelings of belonging to a secret club, and is meant to look like the emblem of a superhero. Click here to check out various versions of our logos.
WHY MUST WE BOOK EACH AND EVERY EVENT? Our primary objective is to one day have a program where the booking system is a thing of the past. We hope to have far less players who pay a way higher yearly rate who show up to most every event throughout the year without fail. In the meantime - to create a program that's flexible - we must add extra kids on each team to drive down the costs and to increase the likelihood of having enough kids for each event. So that we don't overpack any event or location, we need to know who's planning to show. We also need a list of people expecting to partake should we have to contact everyone at the last-second for any gym changes or cancellations. All in all, we need this program as organized as can be so that we're able to provide for your kids to the best of our abilities. Thank you for your patience with the system, and for respecting the families in our program.